Archived Mid-Week Video Messages


“Give us this day…” This phrase has many layers of meaning!  This week Pastor Wheat explores one of the ways these words might have awakened fond spiritual memories for early hearers.

This week in our mid week message, Pastor Wheat explores the concept of holy skepticism as it relates to Jesus’ phrase, “thy will be done.” 

Pastor Wheat reflects on lessons of Jesus on how to imagine a world worth fighting for.

“Pastor Wheat continues to investigate ways the Lord’s Prayer can offer hope and encouragement in our difficult days.”

The word “hallowed” doesn’t come up in everyday conversation very much, but it’s an important tone setter in the Lord’s Prayer.  Listen as Pastor Wheat shares an illustration to bring out its meaning. 

“Pastor Wheat continues to investigate ways the Lord’s Prayer can offer hope and encouragement in our difficult days.”

“This World is not My Home” Pastor Wheat reflects on how remembering heaven can strengthen us for earthly struggle.  

Pastor Wheat returns with a short meditation on the parenthood of God in the Lord’s Prayer. Be encouraged, friends, God is with us.

Pastor Wheat meditates on making art as a practice of spiritual freedom in the midst of hard times.  

Pastor Wheat discusses the power of dedicating our day’s work to God.

Pastor returns from vacation with some wisdom from the Long Trail.

“Tabernacle members, Amy Scriver & Patti Wintermute meditate on Scriptures to help in hard times”

Sharon Kriner “Our Lay Leader, Sharon Kriner, offers her wisdom on remembering how to laugh”

There are times when it’s important to stand up and shout out!  Pastor Harold explores the Prophet Isaiah’s words.

Soul care in troubled times, Pastor Harold celebrates mentors and invites listeners to mentor others in trusting God.

“Pastor Harold explores the comfort of singing in the midst of uncertain times.”

Soul care in difficult times, a message from Pastor Harold for our stressful days

Back to Confluence Park.  Sometimes it’s difficult during a season of intensity to look back and remember what it felt like at the time.  This was the first mid-week video message (3/25).  Hopefully, in addition to being a piece of history, it still has a solid message.

Sometimes I just find myself needing to hear one of Jesus’ stories. Hope you’ll enjoy it too!

The Mid-week which could possibly be renamed the end-of-week message is about the intersection of hope, justice and current events.  

Meditating on Palm 11 and the promise that God is with us. 

Meditating on Palm 17, the promises of God, and the reciprocity of love. 

Pastor Harold’s Mid-Week Message: Earth Day 2020

Pastor’s Mid-Week Message:
Here is Pastor Wheat sharing tools and hope from Psalm 46.

PASTOR’S MID-WEEK MESSAGE: Self care is important in the midst of stressful circumstances. Hear Pastor Wheat meditate on the implications of Paslm 23 while enjoying a paddle on the Susquehanna.

PASTOR’S MID-WEEK MESSAGE: Just a word of encouragement in stressful times!


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